Cake, Cupcake & Cookie Decorating Classes... held at the Wildflour home-studio in Avon

Classes, Fees & Policies


At Bonnie’s Wildflour home-studio, 76 Cider Brook Road, Avon, just off Waterville Road (Route 10 South) on the east side of town.


Fees for Wildflour private lessons vary based on the complexity of the work involved and the preparation time required. Fees range between $45 and $60 per person per class, and are determined after a preliminary discussion via phone or email. Call 860-321-7496 or write to What's more, you get to bring home the boxed cake or cupcakes that you create in class!

Payments must be made by check or money order. (Sorry—no cash, credit or debit cards. Never send cash through the mail.) All payments are due two weeks prior to the scheduled class date. The address is Bonnie c/o Wildflour Studio, 76 Cider Brook Road, Avon, CT 06001. Please review the cancellation policy below. If you have any questions, call 860-321-7496.


Below is a list of classes that are available—and you can always suggest one of your own. Call Bonnie at 860-321-7496 or send an email to to discuss the days and times that will work both for you and for Wildflour. You can suggest any weekday or weeknight. Classes run about three hours, and there can be between one and six participants per class. Once your class is scheduled, a separate discussion (via email or phone) will confirm whether there are any material requirements for which you will be responsible. Please note, though, that Wildflour provides most materials for most classes.


Learn to replicate this trending artistic design in a three-layer cake with blended patches of pastel colors.


Yes, they do exist, and in this class you will learn how to replicate one in buttercream for a cake that is as delicious as it is magical.


Impress your mom (or husband, for that matter) by using Russian tips and other special petal tips to create awesome cupcakes with an array of buttercream blooms.


Feel free to let out your inner child by giving yourself permission to become an expert at making this special cake. This has been one of our most popular classes.


Text your friends about this exciting class. Texturizing is a modern way of giving your cake creation an intriguing pattern using a foam wedge.


Learn how to use buttercream to replicate these sweetheart faces—or one of their brothers, sisters, or cousins.

Other classes:

You can also schedule classes on SUGAR FIGURINES, or on FLAT ROSETTES, or popular CARTOON CHARACTER CAKES, or even a BASIC DECORATING TECHNIQUES class. You can select virtually any cake or cupcake style, technique or design as the basis of your individualized class.


  • Please call or send an email to discuss classes, fees, and your preferred class day and time. Please allow three hours for each class.
  • Payment must be made in full two weeks prior to the scheduled class. Check or money orders should be sent to Bonnie c/o Wildflour Studio, 76 Cider Brook Road, Avon, CT 06001. (Sorry—no cash, credit or debit cards. Never send cash through the mail);
  • Forty-eight hours advanced notice is required for cancelation and a full refund. Fees for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice cannot be refunded, but may be applied toward a future class;
  • Safety & Health Department regulations strongly suggest that you wear closed-toe non-skid shoes to class, and have long hair restrained before entering the Studio (bandanas, headbands, baseball caps, etc.);
  • It is highly recommended that aprons be worn during class. Please provide your own;
  • Classes are limited only to those who registered and paid the class fee. Extra guests and observers (including children) cannot be accommodated and will not be allowed to remain;
  • The Cake Classes by Wildflour studio will not be responsible for personal items;
  • Class participants must be at least ten years of age;
  • Please be aware that for certain tasks (usually involving fondant) you may be required to wear disposable gloves, which the Wildflour Studio will provide;
  • We use shared equipment that either contains gluten or is not entirely gluten-free, and our cakes and cupcakes are not gluten-free;
  • Cakes, cake rounds, and fillings contain no nuts but will be created on shared equipment used to create products that may have contained nuts;
  • Please allow for the possibility of having to stay a little beyond three hours, as some classes may occasionally last a little longer than expected. This does not in any way affect class fees;
  • The Cakes by Wildflour studio is not responsible for the loss or breakage of any personal items.
  • The Cake Classes by Wildflour studio is fully insured.
  • For more information please send me an email or call my home-studio at 973-590-0378.

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